Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Finished something, started something else.

I finished the Irish Hiking Scarf for my sister. I used 5 1/2 balls of Shine Worsted from KnitPicks. I love how soft the yarn is and it was easy to work with. The color is Ebony and it's a pitch black with a little sheen to it. The flash on my camera made the scarf look lighter.

Below is a close up picture of the cables. Easy pattern and great looking results!

Even though I still have all the yarn tails to weave in, I casted on for a new project. (I hate weaving in the ends.) The new project is Flora. This one is going to be for my mom for Christmas. If this one goes well for me, I will make a few more for the other people on my Christmas list. I am trying to find easy and quick patterns since I started my Christmas knitting so late this year. And I am trying to use yarn from my stash. The yarn for the Irish Hiking Scarf was bought for that scarf because my sister requested a black scarf and oddly enough, I didn't have any black yarn. But I bought it a while ago so it doesn't count.

Caesar is very nosey. He wants to say hi to all of you.


Stevie Von King said...

Cici is so cute.... his lower teeth makes him look like he is smiling!

Amy said...

Caesar is so cute. His ferocious underbite cracks me up.

The scarf is beautiful! I'm really impressed with your workmanship.

Oiyi said...

Yeah, Caesar's teeth are always sticking out! His fangs are really big. While Napoleon has little teeth.