Sunday, August 14, 2005

More Yarn

Last weekend, we went to Long Island to visit a friend. Of course, I was able find a place to buy some yarn. I spotted a Michaels and made my dh pull over. They had an awful selection of circular needles. I guess everybody only uses 29" circs. They only had one size DPN's and lots of it. I ended up buying enough Lion Brand Jiffy yarn for a baby blanket. And then I got 2 balls of Pumpkin orange yarn. I am making a scarf for my friend and she had mentioned she wanted a orange scarf. It's a bulky weight and I can't seem to find a stitch pattern I like. I tried 5 different ones and rejected all of them. So, I threw it into my knitting basket in frustration. Anybody have any suggestions for a good stitch pattern for a bulky weight yarn?

Oh, you haven't seen my new knitting basket? I picked it up at Target. It's one of those pop-up fabric cubes. I got the red fabric one. It's used as a draw in their furniture that has cubby holes, but it was the perfect size for my knitting. Now, I can haul my knitting from upstairs and downstairs and keep my yarn from rolling around on the floor while knitting. Formerly, I was using a gallon-sized ziplock bag. A knitting basket is way better. I will keep using the ziplock bags for commuting and travel knitting.

I got two crochet booklets at Walmart. Walmarts are rare around NYC and the 5 boroughs. So, it was a novelty to go into one when we saw one in Long Island. My friends who live in upstate NY says that Michaels and Walmarts are a normal thing to see around there. I am making a baby blanket out of one of those new crochet booklets. Yarn selections at Walmart are crappy, but it was kinda neat to see their craft section. Target doesn't have a craft section, but I like Target better. I have never been to a Super Walmart, but have heard about them and how you can buy almost everything there.

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Aimee "Roo" said...

i like target better too, but walmart does have a good craft section.

those books look really nice! it's always fun to come across another blogger who is crafty. :)