Tuesday, May 31, 2005

99 YEN

In January, I was in Kyoto, Japan and happened to stop by a few 99 yen stores. Our equivalent of a 99cent store or dollar store. Wow, what a world of difference it was. Some were just like convenience stores, that sold prepackaged foods and even fresh foods. And the other stuff wasn't junky cheap crap either. I had so much fun wandering along the aisles and looking at all the different products they sold.

At one of the 99 yen stores, I found a section devoted to knitting! Knowing that my suitcase was already packed with Japanese food(candy, chocolate, mochi, dried seafood snacks, cookies...) that I was bringing back to Hong Kong to share with my relatives and hopefully have some left to bring back to New York, I chose from the knitting products carefully. I ended up buying 6 balls of yarn that was different hues of purple (dark to light) and the yarn was thin to thick. Bamboo needles no.12 and no.15 and double pointed no.6. And the pink things are point protectors. Everything was 99 yen and with our American dollar, it was like less than 99cents each! There was a huge selection of 100% wool, but I sadly had to walk away from it. Next time I have a chance to go to Japan again, I am bringing an empty suitcase.

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sylv said...

wow, it looks awesome ! hat did you end up making with it ?!