Saturday, June 04, 2005


I have neglected this project for so long. I just checked the archives and I apparently started this crochet blanket in November 2004. Yikes! It was suppose to be for my friend Sam's birthday. But between the holidays and my trip to Asia, it got set aside and forgotten. It has been an eyesore for me every time I go into my closet. It looks at me accusingly and makes me feel guilty.

I was itching to start a new project today, but decided to just finish the blanket to clear my conscience. This crochet blanket pattern is one giant Granny Square. Pretty easy once you make the granny square and then it's just double crochet all the way. The pattern is from Lion Brand yarns. I used Lion Brand Chunky USA and made up my own color scheme. Since, it is for a guy, I stuck to blues and greys and added an off-white. So far I have added 3 more rounds to the blanket. I still have ways to go, but at least I picked it up again. Now, if only I can finish it before another projects lures me away. Hopefully, Sam will get his present on time this year.

ETA: This was finished and gifted.

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