Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Garden State/New Jersey Yarn Crawl

The NJ Yarn Crawl is starting tomorrow, April 18, 2013 and will end on April 21, 2013. Yarn Crawls are a great excuse to visit local shops that you have never been to before. It's fun to meet other knitters and each yarn store have raffles, prizes and other unique events going on. On Sunday, April 21, I will be at Trillium Yarns with my rigid heddle loom. Come on by if you ever wanted to learn how to weave or see what it is like. I will have my loom set up for anyone that wants to try weaving.


Stefanie said...

That sounds so fun and it's so cool how versatile you are!

Judy said...

Wow, I've never tried that! When you finish please post a photo.

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Shirley Andrews said...

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