Monday, October 08, 2012

Over the Weekend

Another WIP
During the early morning hours while everyone was still asleep, I pulled out a old weaving project. It's a 6 inch Weavette and the yarn is Stonesthrow Farm Vintage IV (53% Cormo/47% young mohair). I am still not sure what it will become and it's fine with me. For now, I am just enjoying a mindless weaving project. I will see how many squares I end up with when I am done weaving.

Yummy Breakfast
Another advantage of waking up early is that I get to enjoy one of my favorite breakfasts in peace. A toasted NYC Everything Bagel with whipped cream cheese, tomatoes and lox, sprinkled with sea salt, black pepper and dill. Delicious. Usually, I am busy making everyone their breakfast requests and I am always the last person that gets to eat.

Garage sales
One of the fun things we have discovered after we moved to the suburbs are Garage, Yard and Estate Sales. In NYC, we were use to Stoop Sales since most people don't have yards or garages. The selections here are very different. Most of the garage sales around here are empty nesters or older folks getting their house ready to sell. There are lots of treasures to dig through. In NYC, I rarely ever bought anything since it's usually younger people or people my age getting rid of their things to make space in their tiny apartments or people moving out. Whenever you see moving trucks in NYC, you can be sure that it's either the end of the month, the first of the month or the middle of the month.

I think we went to 6 yard sales over the weekend. Melody's treasures are on the left of the picture above and mine is on the right. See those clogs? She put them on and never took them off. The girl does love shoes! I was happy with my single purchase. One of my neighbors had a box of crocheted doilies, table cloths and runners. She told me that her mother-in-law made them for all the daughter-in-laws in the family. I picked out a very large table runner. It just needs to be washed and blocked.

Lil Princess
As you can see, she adores everything she got. The doll has never left her side once. It plays music when you wind it up and the song is starting to grate on our nerves. She plays it in the house, in the car, while eating dinner ...etc. Lol.

What did you do over the weekend?


Muddling Through said...

Seems like every little girl KNOWS she's a princess! Melody looks like a very pretty one, for sure. Our daughters loved those tiaras, too, when they were young. Ah, garage sales - they saved my budget more than once! And they are a lot of fun.

Nettie said...

Oh, no! I would be in serious trouble if I lived in an area where I could visit that many yard sales in a week!
Melody has great taste!

I had a pretty great day with the kids on Saturday. I've been mostly inside since then, waiting for the week to start back up tomorrow.

Vicki Knitorious said...

Aw, look at that happy, pretty princess with her treasure! I don't get to them much anymore -- I guess I'm tending to sell rather than acquire these days -- but those types of sales sure are fun!!

Kepanie said...

That sounds like such fun, hoppin' garage sales. Someone's junk is another's treasure they always say.
My eldest was at the helm of the three day weekend as we usually celebrate her la hanau the weekend before her actual birthday. Craft partay, Razor scooterin', brunch at our fave spot, and udon filled up our agenda.

hetty said...

We celebrated our Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend. So we did a lot of eating. I am still full, but that bagel with cream cheese and lox looks delicious! I love the photo of your princess. She is sooooo adorable.

opportunityknits said...

A tiara for the sweet li'l princess. I adore her pics!