Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Sprucing Up

I seem to be getting a lot of use from my sewing machine lately. It's still too hot for me start knitting again. My hands are swollen from the heat.

I decided to spruce up some old cushions when I came across this tutorial. I pieced together some fabric pieces that were left over to make one long piece big enough for my pillow. I like this pillowcase-style cushion cover because you can easily take it on and off for washing. Did I mention it is easy to sew and put on since it doesn't have buttons or a zipper?
This is what the back looks like, though I can use either side. I got the bird/cloud fabric at Walmart.

This is the cushion underneath the cushion cover.


Kristy said...

What an improvement :) It's very stylish.

opportunityknits said...

Lovely new cover, altho' Hello Kitty's quite cute too. I like this idea of a pillow case style cover because I can't do zips or buttnholes! Thanks for sharing the link.

jojo* said...

It looks great! I need to make some new covers for my pillows. The boys have decided that they are perfect for potato sack races. (see what you have to look forward to?)

Danielle said...

Congrats on the baby!! You had a very wonderful reason for being away from your computer for so long, even though it wasn't pleasent. I know how you feel, when I pregnant with my daughter (my third) I had the worst all day sickness too. With my first two, (both boys) I was okay. With her, sick all day like you. It ended pretty fast, by the 11th week or so for me. It still felt like forever, and I never did feel good the rest of the time. The rest is another story all together.

Hey, if you had a girl you'll always be able to repurpose that pillow yet again by removing the cover on it. Hello Kitty is perfect for little girls rooms :)

schrodinger said...

Love the cushion, what an improvement. I can't believe the fabric is from walmart!!

joyce said...

love that fabric!