Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Blogger just lost my very long post! Some error occured. This goes along perfectly with the crappy weekend I had! I will just have to give you the highlights:

-The Thursday night drive was a bit rough because of the heavy rains in New York and Connecticut. Then it was snowing in Rhode Island, but no snow when we got to Massachusetts.

-I got sick. Sore throat, fevers, chills, sinus congestion, and no sleep for the whole weekend due to the sinus congestion.

-We got snowed in on Friday so that was a completely wasted day. DH took Friday off so that we would have one day to ourselves to do anything that we wanted to that didn't involve any family obligations. Apparently, the Weather Gods did not want to allow us one day of fun.

-I finished knitting something because we were snowed in.

-Saturday: My sister brought us Lobster Macaroni & Cheese. So yummy!, Went out to dinner in ChinaTown to celebrate father-in-law's birthday. He looked happy that we brought him a cake.

-Driving back on Sunday was pretty good since the roads were dry and clear.

*I am leaving out all the mini dramas and yelling that occured. Though the stories would make a good Chinese Soap Opera.

Here is a picture of the finished knitting project. I forgot to bring my yarn needles, so all the ends still needs to be woven in. It is knit with Louisa Harding's Grace Silk & Wool. A very lovely yarn!
The fabrics that I ordered arrived to cheer me up. Hmmm...what to make?


Dipsy said...

Oh, poor you - I'm so sorry to read about the crappy weekend you've had - sometimes it seems as if everything negative happens at once, doesn't it? But at least you had some goodie food on Saturday and got some knitting done - which is very beautiful by the way. And I do love the fabrics, great colours!

Kristy said...

Sorry you had a bad weekend :( Those are the worst! The fabrics are very fun, and I hope they're able to cheer you up!

Jennie said...

Sorry you had such a crappy weekend.
What lovely fabrics, any ideas on what to make with them???

Oiyi said...

Not sure what I will make with the fabrics. I bought some because I don't have any, though I am trying not to start a fabric stash. :-)