Sunday, February 25, 2007

A Lesson Learned

I should have 2 pairs of these Fetching mitts. Why? I knit them twice. Why? Because I ran out of yarn on the second mitt. I binded off the second one and I had 1 inch left of the yarn. There was no way of knitting the thumb part. I was livid! I had bought the Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran at a yarn store in Massachusetts during the holidays. The owner asked me if one ball was enough for a pair of mitts (she looked very skeptical) and said maybe I should get a extra ball. Now, I have heard of many people having problems with knitting the whole pair with just one ball, but I was cocky and stubborn. I thought that if the designer was able to knit a whole pair with just one ball, why can't I? Before I left the store, she told me to save the ball band just in case.

I had checked online and at my LYS, and that color was not to be found. Well, I ranted and raved about it. DH asked if I could call the yarn shop in Massachusetts and have her ship one to me. I thought about it, but it seemed wasteful to me to have her send just one ball of yarn, plus what would I do with the leftover yarn. I only needed a little bit for the thumb.

The next day, I got some needles that I ordered online. It was Inox US6/4mm DPN's 6 inches. I was not able to to find 6 inch double pointed needles when I started the project, so I had bought Clover US6 7 inch dpn's and used those to knit the mitts. I compared the two and noticed that the Clovers are 4.25mm. That got wondering if that could have been the problem. Well, I took a chance and reknit them. And that .25mm was the problem! The one ball was enough for me to knit one whole pair. The needles was what screwed up the whole thing. I nodded knowingly when I read Yahaira's post about Metric versus US.That whole fiasco aside, I do have to mention that the Cashmerino Aran is amazing! The mitts feel wonderful. This will be paired with the orange Peekaboo Mittens and all wrapped up inside a Lantern Moon Drawstring Box. Hopefully, my friend will think it's a nice birthday present.
Pattern: Fetching from , I omitted the picot bind off and did a regular bind off.
Yarn: 1 ball of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran in Olive 501
Needles: Inox US 6/4mm DPN's


Julie said...

They've turned out beautifully in the end! And as a very recent recipient of a pair of Fetching I predict that your friend will love them as well as the mittens and basket. Who doesn't love something from Lantern Moon? :)

Kristy said...

Your friend is very lucky! She'll have warm hands through all the seaons :) I'm sorry you had to knit the Fetching mitts twice... at least it was a quick knit!

caitlyn said...

They are gorgeous!

Dipsy said...

Oy, poor you! But your Fetchings turned out so beautifully in the end, they look fantastic, and that yarn seems to be heaven to work with! Your friend is definitely going to love them!

Danielle said...

Those are beautiful! They will both make lovely gifts along with the drawstring box. Sometimes needles can be funny that way,if I'm questioning some I'll check them just to make sure they are right. In your case they weren't, sorry you had to knit twice. They really are beautiful mitts, worth the reknitting I'd say!

Dawn said...

OK, I don't know what's been more fun, starting my ripple project or checking out all the bloggers that want to join. Your photography is phenomenal, and could there be a cuter dog ever? I had a short lived love affair with a long haired chi in a pet store window one summer, and always regret not sneaking him into my house, Labrador retriever be darned! Am coveting your yarn Pirate with every ounce of my heart and dashing off to the crocheted hearts patterns. So wanted to whip some up this month but didn't have a minute to search for a pattern...thanks! Am sending an email about the ripple along, please come play!

anna maria said...

Your mitts are beautiful!
And now I've just got to ask if that unbelievably cute puppy in the photo is a Chihuahua.

Oiyi said...

-Thank you everyone for your compliments! Now, I know that US needle sizes can vary my knitting and I should look closely at the mm size, too. This has never been a problem before, but I guess it makes a huge difference when you are working from only one ball of yarn. All my mistakes will be filed away in my brain as my knitting journey continues.

-Anna Maria
Thank you. Yes, that little white dog is a Chihuahua mix. His name is Napoleon. His mother is a Lhasa-Pomeranian, but he looks exactly like his dad, a Chihuahua.