Thursday, January 11, 2007

Holiday Haul

I got some knitting related gifts for Christmas from my sweet sister. I was so happy and surprised to open them on Christmas morning.

Look at the wonderful Sundara Yarn and pattern! 5 skeins of "Smokey Plum over Cream" Somewhat Solid sport merino to make Tatami! I really can't believe that she waited for Sundara to update her site with new yarn. It's quite a buying frenzy when the site is updated.

And the DPN's that I have been coveting! Blue Sky Five Inch Double Points in a collectible tin.

I also got some baking books that I have been wanting, so that should keep me busy for a while. Baking and Knitting, aaaaahhhhhhhh Heaven!


Hap Won said...

It looks like a nice holiday. You might want to learn how to publish on and self-publish a book on your creations and passion. With the right photos, I think it would be a nice book.

jen said...

oh man i covet those needles so much, well actually just the tin. They won several design awards for those tins.
good design always is worth the hefty price tag.

altho my boy wan't intrested in getting me the whole set which is like 200$+ heh.

knitting bandit said...

My sister took good care of me this holiday season too, with some Jitterbug by Colinette and sock blockers! That Sundara looks gorgeous even through the plastic!

Oiyi said...

Hap Won, Thanks for the idea. I have had some ideas for a cookbook.

Jen, I love the tin, too! I didn't know the tin won awards. I will have to give a report on the needles when I use them, to see if they warrant the hefty price tag.

Knitting Bandit, your sister gave you awesome gifts, too! Jitterbug, yum! I couldn't bare to open the Sundara Yarn yet, so when people asked to touch the yarn, I made them stick their finger through the top of the bag. :-)

Amy said...

Ooh, what nice pressies. That yarn looks wonderful.

jen said...

yes good design always wins awards.
they listed them in some communication arts magazine last year. I thinkt hey were even listed in print too. the designer can submit their work and the firm that did the tins submitted them! good design always seems to come with a hefty-ier price tag which i kind of hate, but meh.

joy said...

What a wonderful gifts from your sister! That colorway is gorgeous!