Thursday, June 15, 2006

Busy little bee

The Renegade Craft Fair is this weekend in Brooklyn, New York. I am scrambling to finish everything in time. I am so tired. Plus, I had to bake last night for a Bake Sale that DH's company is having today. The funds raised from the bake sale will go to the Habitat for Humanity Project. I made blueberry muffins and ginger scones.

Here are some new bracelets I made to sell at Renegade this weekend. They are fresh water pearls with a choice of Coral beads, Black Onyx and Jade. One size fits all.


jen said...

oooh they are very pretty! our stuff will be there! but sadly we will not. a friend is hocking our wares. we'll be at chicago's tho in sept!

i hope you make a lot!

Oiyi said...

Thanks Jen! I will look for your stuff at the fair.

Jess said...

have fun at the fair!

jennifer said...

i hope you sold a bunch!