Monday, March 20, 2006

Stash Enhancing Weekend

I have been bitten by the softie/plushie bug. After knitting those 2 bears for The Bay Window, I have begun experimenting and coming up with my own pattern for knitting stuffed animals. I have always admired and coveted the softies that I see on other people's craft blogs, but I don't sew or have a sewing machine. So, knitting stuffed animals will have to do for now, until I save up enough money for a sewing machine. I have no clue about buying a sewing machine, but I want to buy one so I can learn to make quilts and other cool crafty sewn things. I assume a good sewing machine won't come cheap at all (like ones with a zillion stitch functions), so I will keep doing my research and saving $$$.

So, with guilty pleasure, I bought all this yarn this weekend. I normally don't buy such colorful yarn and I definitely don't buy novelty/fun fur yarn (not a fan), but I thought they would be great for animal clothing. Plus, Michael's was having a 50% off sale on all the yarn pictured on the bottom. One could reason that I bought all this yarn in the name of research. Hey, I know it's a bit of a stretch.


Amy said...

Weird, I left a comment earlier, but it doesn't appear.

Oiyi said...

That's weird b/c I never got it.

Kim said...

In the name of research. Yep---you're sacrificing for science, that's it! I love it!

Your bears are adorable, and Napoleon is something else. What a doll. I used to have a parrot named Napoleon. It suits your sweet little doggie--isn't that funny?