Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Sweet Stuff

My DH and I do not celebrate Valentine's Day, but I couldn't help myself from buying these Champagne Wishes Brownies. They are made by Kelli and can be bought at her new online bakery store, Amai Tea & Bake House. February 10th is the last day to order these, be quick! I can't wait to bite into a brownie!

I also ordered these cute cards made by Teresa at Sewing Stars. I am planning to send these to my family and friends.


Amy said...

I don't even like brownies, but that does look yummy.

Oiyi said...

Every once in a while, I get a brownie craving. I love brownies with walnuts in them.

Do you like chocolate?

Alicat said...

I ordered those last year and ate them on new years with champagne. they were so good!! I love that they are round now with the decoration on top. so cute. :)

Amy said...

I do like chocolate, but only in very very small amounts. I'll admit that the packaging of the brownies is what appeals to me most.

Amy said...

This post made me think of you:


Don't you love the Betsey Johnson coat?

Oiyi said...


Purple is the new Black! Music to my ears! The coat is lovely.

I agree with you about the brownie packaging. I am a sucker for packaging. That's why I love buying Japanese goods. Guess what? I gave up an invitation from my mom to go to Hong Kong and Japan this month. She is leaving next week.