Sunday, August 28, 2005

Winding Down

This weekend I got to use my new yarn winder for the first time. I think that I am addicted. A week and a half ago, Amy posted about a great deal on lace weight yarn at I couldn't help myself and placed an order, too. It's 850 yards for $5.95! Amy and JillZ also placed orders, too. Well, Amy and I had something to do with JillZ ordering. Hee hee...

The yarn finally arrived on Friday afternoon. They are beautiful. The colors are amazing. After winding the first skein, I wished I had a swift. I will have to look into that, but for now I will have to use the back of a chair and a little elbow grease. I bought Vermillion, Thistle and Huerta.

The yarn doesn't show it's true color potential until you wind it. It's like something magical happens when you wind it into a ball.

I am not sure what I am going to do with this lace weight yarn. Maybe a few lace pattern scarves? I am no expert on gauge and yardage, so I am not sure what 850 yards of lace weight yarn will get me besides a scarf. I currently still have 3 scarves on the needles and I think that I want to work on a different project, so I may hold off on using this yarn for a while. The way things are looking, a lot of people will be getting handknit scarfs for Christmas this year.


Oiyi said...

Hopefully, this will show up! :)

Amy said...

It did - woo hoo! You are a very patient person for winding those without a swift. The yarn patties look really great.

Maybe you could make a shawl with one of them. 850 yards seems like a lot of yarn!

Oiyi said...

I was on a roll. I winded 5 skeins of yarn on Saturday.