Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Emily wearing her Haiku with her Aunt Lisa. Posted by Hello

I know, I know! I am a little late in posting about Haiku. I finally gave it to Little Emily in November 2004, during their annual Thanksgiving feast. This was my first garment that I have ever knitted. She turned 2 years old in July and I intentionally made it a size 3-4, so she can grow into it. This is why it looks huge on her right now. The poor thing was so shy and frightened of us! She wouldn't smile and looked like she would cry at any moment. Then after playing with her, she begun to warm up to us and by the end of the night, she never left our side. When that cutie pie smiles, she lights up the room. Her mother is pregnant again and this time it will be a boy. Yeah!!!More baby knitting.

I used Plymouth Encore DK in Butterscotch Tweed. I pretty much stuck to the pattern, except that I added a double crochet edge to the bottom of the cardigan. It gave it a more finished look.

Close up of Bee buttons. Posted by Hello

I bought these cute bee buttons at Michaels (craft store). There isn't one locally here in NYC. I got them when I went home to visit my family in Boston.

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Cindy said...

Nice Job on your first sweater!