Monday, February 21, 2011

Celebrating National Pancake Month

Clinton St Baking Company
Did you all know that February is National Pancake Month? A whole month dedicated to pancakes! I learned of this interesting American holiday from my friend, Rebecca, a few years ago. This year was my first time participating in the celebration of it.
Waiting in line
Of course, I wanted to go to the best place in New York City for pancakes, Clinton St Baking Company. It's so good that people wait in line for 2 hours during their brunch/lunch hours. My friends and I opted for their evening hours so that the wait was not as long. Yesterday, we met up at 4pm and was told it would be 45 min before we would be seated. Luckily, there was a yarn store nearby so it made the time pass by very quickly.
Baked goods
Besides pancakes, they are also known for their delicious baked goods. Their muffins, brownies, cakes and pies all looked so good as we stood in line inside.
Blueberry pancakes with maple butter syrup
By the time I sat down, I was really torn between pancakes and their great looking brunch/lunch menu. I love savory foods more than sweet, but I came for pancakes and stuck to that decision. I got the Wild Maine Blueberry Pancakes with Maple Butter Syrup. That maple butter is what takes the pancake to a whole new level. Absolutely fantastic!
Banana Walnut Streusal
Jane got the Banana Walnut Pancakes with Maple Butter Syrup.
Rima got the Market Salad. She already came with her husband 2 weeks ago for pancakes and opted for something different this time.
Double Cured Bacon
Oh yes, I also got a side of Double Cured Bacon. You know, because savory and sweet are the prefect balance to each other.

The Clinton St Baking Company has a special menu just for pancake month. It's only available once a year and the flavors change on different days. Check out the flavors, here. It will have you drooling. The special flavors are available Monday through Friday only. On their everyday menu, the pancakes are available in wild maine blueberry, banana walnut and chocolate chunk. There is still time left this month. Go and celebrate National Pancake Month!


kim said...

Yum yum yum! I love pancakes and was not aware of this auspicious celebration. Your blueberry ones look fantastic!

CelticCastOn said...

Yummm we just had pancakes yesterday but I`m sure they were nothing like the ones pictured above!!

Natalie said...

Oh for goodness sake!
This is a perilous post!
An entire month dedicated to pancakes?
It's a good thing I didn't discover this until now... there's only a week left of this tempting, dangerous month. Every plate in this post has me weak.

Muddling Through said...

Oh. My. Everything looks SO good! Your photography is mouthwatering.

emicat said...

Oh my gosh, I may very well have to make some pancakes for breakfast this morning, as your post just totally made me want some (w/ a side of bacon, of course) :)

Anonymous said...

Oh YUM! I definitely need to celebrate. :)

Julie said...

I had pancakes yesterday at a local restaurant. I knew I was celebrating something!

Anonymous said...

I had no idea February was national pancake month!!! I must have had some sort of intuition though, because my body has been CRAVING pancakes !!!! Your meal looks delicious and so does that maple butter syrup. YUM !!!

Maybe I will have to induldge :) It's a good excuse, right ??!

Miss Julep said...

Oh YUM! I had no idea about this observance but LOVE it! What a gorgeous bakery/eatery. It's no wonder that there is always a wait.

Hannah said...

Pancake month? I had no idea! Now I'm sad that I wasted so much of February without celebrating. I must make up for lost time and cram as many pancakes into this week as possible.

Rima said...

All these pictures are doing no good to my mental state right now. I want some pancake!

daniel said...

Mmmmm.... you're making me hungry!

caiming said...

your pictures make me drool!

hetty said...

Okay! You succeeded. I am drooling! I've never even heard of pancake month. Hmmmm, pancakes. Guess I will have to make some for dinner tonight. I can't think of anything else right now.