Wednesday, November 05, 2008

She had fun.

So this was my first time Trick or Treating in an apartment building. I grew up in the South Shore of Massachusetts and had always Trick or Treated in my neighborhood on the streets by going door to door. This method wasn't bad at all. Everywhere we went was brightly lit and we had a list of which apartments were handing out candy. It was very safe.

I think Melody found it amusing that people were holding out bowls of shiny wrapped things for her to grab. She was actually quite timid when she was offered the bowl. Which is is funny since she can grab anything from the shelves of a super market before you can even blink. The people encouraged her and she chose a Mini Snickers with the shiny gold wrapper. Oh how she clutched onto that little chocolate like it was a prize. She loves wrappers of any kind and was far more interested in the packaging itself than what was inside. Hehehe..if she only knew what delights that the inside held.She didn't cry, but she was wary of this masked man.
Veronica was very cautious of the masked man. The masked man's little girl was dressed as a fairy and handed out the candy. So, Veronica chose to interact with the fairy, but she kept peeking over at the masked man to keep an eye out on him.

Veronica was the leader for this Halloween and we played by her rules. We went to a few floors and a few apartments, but she soon tired of it quickly and asked to go home. She had a cute costume, but had refused to put it on when the time came. But I think the pumpkin t-shirt was just as cute. Life has been difficult for Veronica and she hasn't been getting much sleep. That led to a cranky kid.This is the reason for Veronica's distress, the Usurper! My friend, Jen, gave birth to a baby girl on Oct 26th. She had only been home for a few days before Halloween and Veronica was still adjusting to the Usurper. They think that she is semi-traumatized. She ignores the baby like it's not there. And if you are holding the baby, you will be ignored also. She also has been waking up at night crying, so she is super tired on top of getting a new baby sister.The Usurper's real name is Penelope. They are calling her Penny. Isn't that cute? She is so tiny! I can't even remember when Melody was that small. After handling a baby for the last 9 months, I had no trouble picking up Penny even though she felt like a ball of dough.
What's this you say?Peekaboo! She loves that game.This is actually my latest FO, a new knitted blanket for her. She loves blankets. It's a comfort thing for her. Did any of you ever notice how she never has a picture of a pacifier in her mouth. She never took to it. During her horrible colicky stage, I tried and tried, but she would just spit it back out and cry harder. I even tried different styles, but I eventually gave up. Blankets are like a pacifier to her. She will clutch it and snuggle with it. When she drinks her bottle, she clutches it and plays with it in her hands. When she is tired, she will put it in her mouth. This leads to stinky blankets so the more blankets, the better. And she is not particular to one blanket, any kind will do.The pattern is called Easy Eyelet Blanket from Knitting for Baby and it really couldn't have been easier. You start off at one corner and knit and increase until it's half the size you want and then decrease and make the other half. You are making a triangle at first and then the other half to form a square. The eyelets formed by the YO's gives the simple blanket a decorative touch.

My friend, Betty, had given me the book, Knitting for Baby, as a birthday present the year after I got married. I think it was a hint, but who knew that it would take many years before DH and I decided to have children and for me to utilize this book. I have the old cover or version of the book, but I am sure the inside is still the same. It has many different baby projects for any level knitter, so it's great for beginners and for advance knitters. And you can work your way from the simple projects to the more advanced. I already have my eye on several of the sweaters in the book.The yarn is a discontinued Lion Brand Yarn called Color Waves. The yarn is very soft and lofty which makes the blanket very light and not heavy feeling at all.
Pattern: Easy Eyelet Blanket from Knitting for Baby
Needles: US 10 / 6.0 mm
Yarn: Lion Brand Color Waves, 4 skeins = 500.0 yards (457.2m) in Sunset Red
Size: 37 inches square


flanthrower said...

Thanks for this post. The blanket is beautiful. The adorable pictures of your little girl really cheered me up! (It's been a tough day so far and the smiles are welcome.)

Rebekah said...

This blanket is gorgeous! I love the color and I love the subtle dye variations. I'll have to check out this book. And, as always, Melody is such a cutie...I wish the candy wrappers were more appealing to me than the contents :)

LaBean said...

Hee @ Usurper. I remember having my subsequent children and there were definitely moments where I could see the older child was NOT thrilled at all. She's so adorable though. I didn't notice that Melody never had a I need to pay attention. But that's great. There's nothing to attach to clothing or lose!

I see many knitted kid blankets in your future ;) I remember making a dishcloth with that eyelet pattern; I love its simplicity.

littlebirdbigcity said...


Cindy said...

Melody is always so photogenic! I agree with her, you can never have enough hand made blankies! :)

Hannah said...

Those photos of Melody playing peekapoo = priceless! Plus, that's such a lovely blanket. :)

JL said...

O i simply love Melody playing Peekapoo, those are wonderful pics.
thanks for sharing.

b4 u know, she will be trickering around a basket full of candies.

she is cute, and so is Veronica.

yes, i think Veronica jus needs more assurance from her mummy. she will get over wit it soon n will be playing happily with Penny.

good blankie comes in handy !!

hetty said...

Can one ever have too many handmade blankies? Glad Melody never took to the pacifier. I really dislike those things. Thanks for sharing your adorable photos - especially the peek-a-boo ones. Melody always brings a smile to my face.

Rima said...

Melody looks adorable in her Halloween gear. And really like the color of the blanket.

Have fun this weekend...!

Susan said...

There, I feel better. I just got my baby fix.

Your little sweetheart is beautiful and happy. Penny, that is the cutest name, is fantastic. I love that name Penny. Aww.

You made my night.

Kirsten said...

So cute - all of it - the Halloween, new baby and the lovely blanket!

hyeknitter said...

Melody's so cute, and that blaket is beautiful.

Andee said...

Melody is growing so fast..what a beautiful delightful girl! She always looks like she is in a good mood. Love her Halloween costume too!

Corrie said...

ohhh everything is so gorgeous what to comment on! firstly I have to say that my keira ignores the twins....3 months on...don't know whether to say that or not but it has got slightly better in that sometimes she pays them attention but for the most part acts like they aren't there! its just her way of dealing with it

love the blanket and love little miss melody as usual!

My Best Friend Calls Me Martha said...

Oh my goodness... I just want to pic your little melody and and tickle her to see that little grin in person! She really is tooooo adorable :)\

Love the blanket, too. Very simple but stunning!

Cathy said...

Ooooh what fun! That blanket looks like a lot of fun too!

Jeanne said...

Great post - I definitely got my baby fix for the day! Glad she had a fun time on Halloween!

amandajean said...

that blanket is oh-so-fabulous!