Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Pinwheel Baby Blanket Finished!

Wow, this pinwheel baby blanket was started last year in April, 2006. Like with most things, I get obsessed with working on it for a while and then my attention gets diverted to other projects I am dying to try. Caitlyn's post really inspired me to finished some of my wip's that I forgot about. I feel bad that I finished so few knitting projects last year.This blanket turned out much larger than I expected. It measures 41 inches across! I could use it as a lap blanket. It was deceiving because it was all bunched up on my circular needles and I couldn't really tell how big it was getting. I finished the ball that was still attached when I last left it and then added one more. I am glad that I didn't add the last ball of yarn. Binding off was a killer. It took almost 2 hours. The ruffles edging that I chose doubled the stitches so there were a lot of stitches to bind off.Yarn: Lion Brand Jiffy, 5 Balls, Colors: Heather Blue, Pastel Blue, and Kitty Hawk
Pattern: Pinwheel Baby Blanket
Pattern Ruffle Edging: Knitting on the Edge, Simple Stripe Rib (I did it with one color.)
Needles: US 10 Denise Interchangeable Needles


caitlyn said...

The blanket is *so* beautiful! I am super impressed...it must have taken patience to finish and bind off. Congratulations!

megan said...

Amazing blanket!

Jen said...

Very cute, I love it!

Dipsy said...

I'm absolutely impressed by your blanket, it looks totally awesome! Beautiful pattern, great colours - and your lil' furry one looks so cute on it! Fantastic work!

jen said...

it turned out SO PRETTY!