Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Mitered Squares

I started a blanket made out of mitered squares. I have always admired the one on Mason Dixon Knitting and the blankets in their book. I was flipping through a magazine and they had a tutorial on how to make a mitered square, so I decided to try it. It innocently started off as one square and then it became two. The magazine also had a pattern for a mitered square baby blanket, so I started to follow the pattern, but using different yarn and colors and making it larger.
Since my squares are made up of two colors, I noticed they formed a pattern depending on how I arranged them. I quickly sketched some variations and decided I like the Zig Zag pattern the best. I have to determine the pattern from the beginning because each square is added on as you knit. No seaming little squares afterwards! (A major reason why I used this pattern. I hate seaming.)You just have to pick up the stitches as you make the next square.I am using a teal and off white (cream) yarn, Berella Whistler. It's a soft and silky 100% Merino Wool (machine washable). I want to do some stash busting, so I thought a blanket would help. I have two bags of each color. I am going to use up all of it for the blanket. That will determine the length of my blanket. The width is 33 inches (9 squares) and I plan on adding a border.


Julie said...

That's absolutely inspired, I love it!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! I am making a blanket like this with 16 big squares. Do you recommend knitting 4 strips of 4 squares each then seaming, or knit all together? My concern with knitting without any seaming is that the earlier part of the blanket will get overly handled. Thanks for sharing!

Oiyi said...

Hi Lisa,

If you don't mind seaming, you can knit it in strips. I prefer to pick up the stitches and knit as I go along, but that's because I don't like to seam. There hasn't been any wear and tear from over handling. The knitted seams are strong.