Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Coexisting Peacefully

Thank you to all of you that asked about Napoleon. He has recovered 100%. The sad thing is that he will be allergic to his shots forever. We just have to figure out which ones he was allergic to and then try spacing those farther apart. The Vet says that it would only get worse, so maybe spacing it every 3 years may be necessary. I will bring him in next year and have them space the shots a few days apart to see which ones he reacts to. He was basically bombarded with all the vaccines and rabies shots in one day, so they have no clue what he is allergic to.

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Amy said...

They are so sweet.

I'm so glad he's doing ok, but sorry to hear about the permanent allergy to shots. I hope they can figure out which one causes him problems without too much upset.