Friday, September 29, 2006

Rain,Rain Go Away!

We are heading to Washington DC tomorrow morning. The forecast says that Sunday will rain! I hope it won't ruin our first time at Crafty Bastards. Cross your fingers for us.

Want to see what my husband will be selling? He calls them "Comix". Comix are pieces of art inspired by a love for comic books. Carefully crafted from a mix of vintage comic books, these one-of-a-kind collages pay homage to the super heroes of our childhood. He spends a lot of time cutting and decoupaging these works of art.


jen said...

oh man those COMIX are super cool. and they are such a cool idea. i wish you guys much luck!!!!

PawsforEffect said...

Good stuff! They look great. Good luck! My husband wishes he was Spiderman. =)

jen said...

i voted for you in the rare robin awards!