Monday, July 10, 2006

Renegade Craft Fair Brooklyn 2006

Here are some pics from Renegade. Click on them to enlarge. I guess that I only took pictures of the first day and it was overcast/cloudy so the pictures are kinda dark. The next day was HOT and SUNNY!

My table.

My booth space.

Other vendors setting up.

Views of the park and other vendors.

MaryInk was next to me selling cute t-shirts and totes.


Amy said...

Your booth looks really lovely! I'm glad it went so well. Did you buy anything fun?

Angela said...

Sooooooo....How did it go? Did you sell out of everything?

Oiyi said...

I did very well. I sold a good amount, but didn't sell out. I wish!

There were a few vendors that were selling yarn and I thought of you.