Wednesday, March 29, 2006

News Flash! (Warning, No knitting content.)

Napoleon will be getting a little brother to play with soon! Dh and I are going to be picking him up in mid-April when he is 8 weeks old. Our families will probably think that we are crazy for getting another dog, so we haven't told them yet. The farm where we got Napoleon updated their website last night and they were too cute to say no to. I called this morning and reserved this little cutie.

We will be driving from New York to Boston and stay with my dad. Then we will be driving up to Maine the next day to pick him up. This is a loooong trip. Hee hee...what I wouldn't do for a cute face, huh? It's not so bad because this will give us a chance for dh and I to see our families.

So, now we need a name. Does anybody have any suggestions? This puppy is a boy and he is a Lhasa-Pom-Yorkie-Pek. His mom is a Lhasa Apso/Pomeranian and his dad is a Yorkie/Pekingese. Dh has 2 suggestions so far. Wolverine (Wolfy for short) and Raiden (pronounced Ryden). Raiden means "lightning" in Japanese and it would be cute if he turns out to be a speedy little dog. Please feel free to give us your suggestions in the comments. Thanks!


Julie said...

Oh my gosh he's adorable! Does the farm give you any hint about personality before you pick him up? That's always helpful with naming. Raiden sounds like definitely a good option.

Helen said...

He is so cute! I'm going to have a hard time not sending that link to my husband to suggest we get a dog, to go with 3 cats and 16 rabbits. :)

Amy said...

They have the cutest puppies at that farm. He is such an adorable little guy.

PawsforEffect said...

Congrats on your new addition! He is defintely a cutie. I'm sure they will be the best of friends. I myself love having 2 dogs. They always have each other. Milo is Daisey's rock!


yahaira said...

OMG!!! Im so jealous! Two cute little dogs. no fair

Judy said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, the shrug is coming along nice! Aren't those cute little puppy faces hard to ingnore? They are both very cuties.

Bliss said...

What a cutie! Boy am I glad that farm is a long way from me, because I could fall in puppy love again. Like I NEED another puppy added to the two I have, not counting our older Bichon.

The two puppies will quickly become best buds. My little guys are firmly bonded.

Libby said...

How about Voltaire? :)

Oiyi said...

Libby- DH likes that name! It will be put on the list.

Thanks everyone! I was a bit worried that Napoleon will be jealous, but after hearing everyones comments, I am sure they will love to have each other to play with all day. So far, we have 3 names.

jen said...

those are my suggestions. he looks really cute!

DH said...

All hail Caesar!!!

Angela said...

OH MY GOSH, I am so jealous you get another doggy...I want another little guy so bad, but I think Guppy would get a little jealous! That cutey looks like Chewbacka (sp?) the Wooky (sp?) on Star Wars What about chewy or wooky?
Have fun with the new little guy!!! Give him some suggles from me and Guppy!

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