Monday, March 13, 2006

Beary Good News!

I made another bear this weekend. I bought a few skeins of yarn this weekend to make more bears. I gave this bear a pair of pants. I even tried my hand at the duplicate stitch to add a heart to the sweater. I am not sure if you can tell it's a heart. Oh well, I tried my best. I need more practice on my duplicate stitching.

Look at the size difference between the bears! I made the blue one with size US8 and the second one was made with size US7. Same type of yarn and same pattern, but the second one came out way smaller. Whoops! The pattern called for size 7's, but I didn't have any until I bought a pair this weekend. The blue one is 16 inches tall and the other one is 12 inches tall. I am going to be shipping these bears this week. They will be flying to Jamaica on April 1st with Mary from The Bay Window. I wish them a safe trip to Jamaica and I hope they will bring comfort to those in need.


PawsforEffect said...

Those bears looks so cute! Great work!

Julie said...

Those are just adorable. I especially like the little heart on the tan one.

Amy said...

Very cute. You did a great job (and you can definitely tell that is a heart).

Phyl said...

Thank you! Both look great and I adore the heart.

Jess said...

These bears are super-cute. And what a great thing to send them to children who could really use them. Kudos.

And thanks so much for the congrats. My "wedding" was a quicky---by husband is Canadian and we are moving to LA. So, we have to get his green card before he can start work. Not exactly the dream wedding. But we will be doing that eventually.

Thanks again. And thanks for consistantly checking out my blog! Glad to know someone likes it!