Friday, February 24, 2006

First Kool Aid Dyed Yarn

I decided to try my hand at Kool Aid Dyeing after being inspired by the crafty people on Craftster. Here is the thread about kool aid dyeing. This is my first attempt at dyeing my own yarn and it was pretty easy. I am not crazy about how the colors turned out, but I am sure my second attempt will be better. I used the following flavors: lemonade, grape and ice blue raspberry lemonade. I mixed the colors to achieve these colors.

I needed to use the grape to make the blue a deeper color. I ended up using the grape because it looked black when I mixed some blue into it. And I didn't have enough of the other 3 colors to dye the whole skein and I didn't want to leave it the natural color. But as you can see in the above pictures, it ended up looking like grape after it dried. The yarn just sucked up the dyed when I dipped the yarn into the cups and left behind a milky white liquid. I will definitely have to use more kool aid next time around.

Do you think that the colors came out ugly? Be honest, I can handle it. My dh thinks that the yarn looks flashy. Maybe I can make some bright flashy baby boy hats out of it. The yarn color is brighter in person.


Amy said...

Fun! I think it would be really cute for a baby hat. It might look good with mittens too.

Stephanie said...

:) I think it looks pretty good - though I would have to say yellow is not my fav. Looks like you got great saturation and the colors are nice and strong :) hooray for dying!

If you don't like it, you can always overdye :)

laurie said...

wow! i really didn't need another project to try but you've made this look fun and your results are amazing!

Oiyi said...

Thanks, everyone!