Friday, October 14, 2005

Angela Needs....

I saw this funny meme on Stacy's blog. Just Google "(Your Name) needs" and list 10.

1. Angela needs a parent who uses humor and non-threatening approaches to discipline.
2. Angela needs to feel assurance.
3. Angela needs help!
4. Angela needs to be in the top 60 on the LPGA money list to qualify for the Women'sBritish Open that will take place in July.
5. Angela needs to take those 18-hour days she spends working on her Web site and devote that time to improving the quality of her clothes.
6. Angela needs her coffee.
7. Angela needs to take her father off the pedestal she put him on.
8. Angela needs prayers.
9. Angela needs coercion.
10. Angela needs some blood, too.

I have been getting spammed in the comments, so now I have enabled the Word Verification in the comment box. It's an extra step, but hopefully that will block out some of the spam. Sorry for the inconvenience!


Amy said...

Hey there!
I missed the PO window today, so will ship ya the scarf via priority on Monday. I hope you are having a great weekend!

Oiyi said...

okay Amy, no problem. I didn't make it to the PO, too. Monday, then.