Friday, September 16, 2005

A Swell Yarn Shop

I have been so busy caring for Napoleon lately that nothing else is getting done. Whoops! I really didn't know how much time was needed to take care of a puppy. But I really enjoy taking care of him. He is just so cute!

A few weeks ago, I placed an order at A Swell Yarn Shop. I got my order promptly and the yarn was gorgeous. A Swell Yarn Shop is run by Angela of A Girl's Gotta Knit. She is super nice and helpful, so go over there and buy some yarn from her.

The top one is Cascade Quatro in Purple Rain that I am using for My So Called Scarf. And the bottom one is Schaefer Yarn, Anne in Purple Waters. I am planning to make Clapotis with it.

We were shopping for Napoleon over the weekend and one of the employees of PetSmart got a hold of Napoleon and paraded him around the store. Then one of groomers, Melissa, loved him so much, she clipped his nails and cleaned his ears for free. She even gave me a PetSmart bandana. It was too big so she had to cut it in half for him. Melissa was so nice and patient and showed me how to groom him myself and offered a lot of great advice.

This little guy is going to be spoiled!


Amy said...

The cuteness of your new baby is killing me!

Thanks for the pointer to that yarn shop (p.s. the link isn't working, but I found it via google). The site is very cute.

Did you see that JoAnn has their 50% off coupon again? I decided to order myself a Swift. Woo hoo!

Amy said...

OK, I'm a dork. I canceled my order at Joann and ordered the cuter one from Ami-Itoya. I liked that one better, but was trying to be frugal until I saw how great it was on Punk Rawk Purl -

Oiyi said...

Thanks for the heads up on the 50% coupon. I might wait on the swift. I don't have a moment to myself these days anways. Plus, I want to see the swift you are getting from Ami-Itoya.

I fixed the the links. Thanks! I think that I am so tired I can't think straight, so I messed up on the html coding.

Amy said...

You poor thing! Is the puppy still keeping you awake?

Oiyi said...

He is getting better. It use to be every hour and now he has it down to twice a night. It still makes the both of us tired b/c we can't get some uninterrupted sleep. Everyone keeps telling me that he is a baby and it will take a while(maybe 6 months). His little bladder can't hold all night. He is 10 weeks old right now.

Hee hee...I see all this training as a taste of future motherhood. :-)

Amy said...

Glad it's getting better.

Hmm... Do you have some other big news you are keeping to yourself?

Oiyi said...

Oh no! We don't plan on having kids for a while. We both love kids, but sometimes I wonder if I will ever be ready or if we can handle it. That's why getting the puppy really opened up our eyes to caring for and being responsible for a little one.

I am 5 years younger than my dh and he is not in any rush and neither am I. Though, I might feel different after I am 30. I have a bunch of friends in their early 30's that seems to be freaking out about having kids and feeling they are behind cause their same age friends already have several. It's not a race, geez.

Napoleon is the only baby I need right now. Though the idea of eating with abandon is appealing. haha

Amy said...

One of my best friends is preggo, and she had to eat constantly to avoid feeling like puking. No thank you!

I'm in my early 30s and still don't feel any desire to really have a child, other than in a very abstract, someday sort of way. I know time is a wasting, but what can you do. If need be, I'll adopt.

Oiyi said...

I know what you mean about that "someday sort of way".

I think that my MIL was upset that we got a puppy instead of having a baby. But she actually warmed up to Napoleon and ended up liking him a lot. I am so glad that my in-laws are out of state since they never approve of anything we do. Especially, me starting my jewelry business.

Amy said...

That would be difficult. Sorry she's a downer about such things as your business. I hope it's going well!