Friday, November 05, 2004


The Stitch and Bitch at my house was not bad. But I didn't even get to knit because I ended up playing teacher and helped everyone work on their projects. One person wanted me to show her this particular crochet pattern that I made into a blanket and someone else wanted to me to show her how to make this scarf I made before. I am not showing my finished projects next time. Overall, it was fun. There seemed to be a lot more bitching than knitting, though!

We all decided that we are going to Manhattan Yarn Riot this year. I will try to hold myself back from buying loads of yarn, but it's so cheap and this sale is only once a year! You have to buy everything in bulk, so I usually split the bags up with whoever is going with me. That way, she can have some of my yarn and I can have some of hers.

I haven't gotten a chance to seem up the Haiku cardigan yet. Right now, I am working on Christmas presents. I am crocheting a blanket and knitting kitchen towels for a house warming gift. I still have another baby to knit for. So many projects and so little time.

I have been exhausted. I am trying to prepare for my upcoming jewelry party in Boston. I am debuting my new collection. I spent 3 hours last night ordering displays/packaging for the jewelry. Plus, I still have to finish many more pieces and the show is November 14! I am going to have to put the knitting aside and get into my studio and work on that jewelry.

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