Friday, April 02, 2004

Blah Day

I had a pretty uneventful day. I am tired and cranky. I didn't want to get up this morning to go to work, but my boss would probably throw a tantrum. I kept hitting the snooze button without realizing it! So, I was 10 minutes late getting into work. So what! My boss is always late and I am usually the one who opens up the studio and lets the others in. Sigh...I hate my job. :-(

Last night, I got a few more inches done for my second crochet blanket for The Critters Knitters Knitathon. I really like the colors I chose, blues and purples.

I read on Liz's blog that Cathy wanted to know if I could share my crochet pattern for the Knitathon blanket I made. Sure! I never wrote out a pattern before, but I will try. The overall blanket pattern is a V-stitch pattern with shell edges done after wards. I will see if I can find some time this weekend and write out the pattern.

Not sure if I can find some energy to crochet tonight. I have been neglecting the cardigan (Haiku) I have been knitting. All I have left is the right side and then the sleeves. This cardigan is for my friend's daughter, but her birthday is not until July, so I have plenty of time. I have been pouring all of my energy into the Knitathon blankets. Charity comes first!

The new Spring 2004 KNITTY is out. Check it out!
I saw a lot of cute patterns, but it will have to be for future projects. I have too many projects on the list already.

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